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Drain Cleaning NYC

So you know we extended our expertise to include plumbing services, but did you know we do drain cleaning as well? Contrary to popular belief, plumbing and drain cleaning are two separate industries and Sewer drain cleaning service NYC has them both. We’re excited to have a great team of drain specialists here to help our customers with all their drain cleaning and drain maintenance needs.  If you use us for all your drain needs, you can expect our highly trained drain cleaners to uphold the  level of expertise.

Drain cleaning and maintenance is very important to keep your home’s plumbing system maintained and flowing properly. You have several drains in your home including drains in your kitchen, bathtub or shower and toilet. Keeping them cleaned and free from debris can help keep things running properly and potentially keep from any pipe or plumbing issues in the future.

Take a look at some of the drain services we offer.

  • All drain repair and replacement
  • Drain cleaning services and maintenance
  • Grease trap plumbing and replacement
  • Preventative drain maintenance
  • In-line sewer video camera inspections
  • Up-front pricing
  • 24 hour emergency service

There isn’t anything worse than walking to your basement only to realize you’re standing in a foot of dirty water. We would consider this a pretty big emergency! Late at night, early in the morning, 24 hours a day, we’re here to help. Call us anytime for even the biggest emergencies.

Drain Cleaning Maintenance

Even more than you know, your drains benefit greatly from regular cleanings. Over time your drains can get buildup from soap, grease or hair which will clog and restrict the water flow. Additionally, the drains leading out of your house could potentially become clogged resulting in a messy situation in the basement of your home.  Luckily you know someone who can help!  We offer several different forms of maintenance for drain in order to prevent major issues like clogs and buildup from happening. Take a look at our great drain services!

The Main Line & the Roots of All Evil

April showers bring May flowers, and BOTH can reap havoc on your drains. A mixture of rain and overgrown trees and plants could begin to affect you before you know it and your main line might be the first to show the problem it can cause.

When trees and plants in your yard start to grow larger, the roots dig deeper into the ground and can block the main line pipe to the sewer in your yard. When that pipe is clogged and blocks the sewer, the dirty water and sludge have nowhere to go but back into your house.

Although it’s most common during the spring season, you never know when your main line could get clogged. With proper maintenance of your main line, you could save yourself a potentially “sloppy” situation.

The 411 on Liquid Drain Cleaners

The use of caustic liquid drain openers can very well harm your pipes. The acid in these liquids eat at them and can cause severe damage. The same caustic liquid is incredibly harmful if it comes in contact with your skin or eyes. Not to mention, harmful for the environment. We only uses snaking and jetting methods for removing your clog right away. Not only is it the most effective way of removing the clog, but is safe for your home, pipes and family. For preventative maintenance we use Clear and Clean. This product is not harmful for the environment. It won’t fix the problem right away, but is designed to break down grease, hair and waste over time and is effective for long term maintenance.

What is water jetting?

Water Jetting is a fast, cost-effective and safe method of clearing drain and sewer lines. Water is “jetted” under changeable amounts of pressure in order to clear away build-up of sludge, scale, grease and other debris inside your pipes. Other than replacing them completely, there is no better way of getting your drains to flow like the day they were installed.

How to prevent clogged drains.

It’s pretty simple really. Don’t put anything down your drain that doesn’t belong. If clear water ran through our drains all the time, we would never have any problems. In the kitchen, the biggest problem is usually fat, grease, and soaps that aren’t easily able to rinse down the drain. In the bathroom, soaps and hair are the biggest culprits. With use of grates to protect hair from getting into the drain, and making sure not to dispose of any non-water soluble products, your home should be clog free.

Drain Cleaning Services

We  now offers drain cleaning services. We’re excited to show our customers the highest quality of service, not just for their furnace and ac, but for their plumbing and drains as well.

Clogged drains and toilets are among some of them most common problems in any home. Over time, hair, dirt, grease and debris can collect in your drain and cause clogs or even damage to the pipe. We’ll help unclog all the drains in your home including the kitchen or bathroom sink, bathtub drain and more.

Kitchen Drains

We’re constantly running food waste, soap and grease through our kitchen drains. After a while you may notice the water doesn’t drain as well as it should. Changes are a clog is starting to build up and you’ll need to get one of the experts at Sewer drain cleaning NYC to help drain it quickly in order to avoid additional inconvenience or problems to the pipes.

Bathtub/Shower Drains

After time soap and hair can really do a number on your bathtub and shower drain. Often times the hair can easily be pulled out of the drain, but only if it’s visible from the bathtub drain grate. If the water isn’t running down your drain immediately and is filling in your tub, you have a clog that needs to be drained immediately so further damage isn’t caused to the pipes.

Toilet Drain

The most common drain issue is with the toilet. It could just be a clog or there may be a larger issue with the main sewer line. Often times an obstruction or sludge can build up in this line and cause draining issues. If your sink isn’t having a problem draining, then the issue may be just in the toilet drain and a plunger might do the trick in unclogging it. If your sink is having an issue draining as well, it could be a bigger issue. Call us at (212) 729-1537 to help.

Remember that toilet paper is designed to go in the toilet. Other products like baby wipes, make-up wipes and other forms of tissues are not. The first step in ensuring you don’t clog your toilet drain is keeping anything from going into the toilet that doesn’t belong.

24-hour Emergency Service

When your toilet or sink is overflowing and a plunger won’t do the job, you know who to call. Any time of the day, our skilled drain cleaners are available to assist you. Sometimes a professional is required for big, dirty jobs. Instead of worrying about it yourself, give us a call at(212) 729-1537.

Video Camera Line Inspection

The video cameras have become a great tool for detecting problems with your drains. When the drain goes around a curve or into the wall, it’s hard to find exactly where the problem is without taking the pipe apart or cutting through the wall.  our professional drain cleaners have a better way of examining the drains. Our drain cleaners use a waterproof camera on the end of a long rod that allows them to examine the inside of your drains. The rod is inserted into the drain and flexible enough to bend any way the pipe does. Because of this great piece of technology, we’re able to take the guesswork out of any drain issue and discover exactly what the plumbing or drain issue might be quickly and effectively.