Clean Your Condensate Drain Regularly

Why It’s Important to Clean Your Condensate Drain Regularly

What’s the topic today?  Well, condensate drains of course! One of the parts of your air conditioner is the condensate drain.  This drain is located inside near the air handler by the furnace. It is an important piece because it takes all of the condensation from the air conditioner and either puts it in a pump or down a drain.  If the condensate drain does not do its job, you will end up with a large, wet mess.

In order for the condensate drain to keep doing its job, it is important that the condensate drain is cleaned out on an annual basis.  This task is part of an annual air conditioner inspection that is included with our service.  If the drain isn’t clean and gets all clogged up, water will leak all over the place.  This is particularly a problem if your air handler and condensate pump are located in the attic.  The water can leak through the ceiling and whole ceilings have fallen down from this.  Though attics present a greater threat with this problem, don’t think you are in the clear if your condensate drain is in the basement, you will still have a mess of a soaking wet floor and carpet (if your basement is finished) if the drain is clogged.

Another prevention possibility, on top of making sure the drain is regularly cleaned, is to have a back up safety switch installed in the drain.  If it starts to overflow, the air conditioner will automatically turn off.  This gives you peace of mind.  If you are interested in learning more about this safety switch or about the process of cleaning out condensate drains, please feel free to contact us!